If you have an amazing side hustle, you should make it your main job. Why would you continue to work for your evil boss, if you can make it rain with your side hustle?

In my opinion, the most rewarding thing anyone can do is work for themselves. Entrepreneurialism is…

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Software developer interviews are tragicomedies.

Developers fail in interviews because they overlook the human element. They practice algorithms but fail to show enthusiasm or joy. These melancholy pseudo technology discussions overshadow their ingenuity because developers don’t show their human side. They buckle under the pressure of a simple human conversation.

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If you feel like 40 is too old, you are wrong.

Imagine this: You arrive at the office early. You drop your backpack and head for the kitchen. Your kids woke you up early after you spent half the night coaxing them to sleep. You need coffee.

With your coffee…

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Moving up the ranks as an engineer is something that many accomplish. From the time I was nine years old, I wanted to be at the top of the technical ladder. …

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The abridged answer is I learned how to deliver value.

I’ve read oodles of articles about growing careers that, frankly, sound cliche. As a connoisseur of stuff that helps me strive toward excellence, I consume an impressive amount of articles. Sadly, I am unimpressed with the litany of unoriginal ideas…

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Engineers love to code, but to be considered elite, you must acquire expert debugging skills.

Skilled debuggers keep the internet running by leveraging skills they've honed over the years. They spent time learning how to code and debug.

Production environments continue to run because of their knowledge, effort, and talent…

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As a business owner, I’ve read hoards of business books. Page after page, I searched for a silver bullet. Was it a perfect business plan I needed? Or did I need to be like Peter Thiel? What about Bill Gates and Steve Job’s many successes? …

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I've steered away from racial topics, but I must share a few thoughts.

Like most people, you want your colleagues to judge your character, work ethic, and impact. And if you're black, you're still chasing that fair share of the American pie.

The truth is, despite progress in this country…

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I thought I knew it all in my twenties. The truth is: I knew nothing — especially about business.

It’s easy to romanticize the notion of running a company. Many of us create our own businesses fueled by passion. We want to take our back-of-the-napkin idea and disrupt the industry…

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The key to your company seeing you as valuable is not what you think.

It’s common for software engineers to misunderstand the value of the work they produce. To some, the actual code is seen as more valuable than what the code does. As engineers, we tend to bury ourselves…

James Williams

Founder of COFEBE, Inc. We build tools that make engineer’s jobs easier.

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